Leoso Hotel Ludwigshafen


Fill up on electricity at the Leoso Hotel in Ludwigshafen.
Eco-friendly travelling: electric car drivers are able to fill up their vehicles with electricity at the Leoso Hotel in Ludwigshafen.

Take a trip, stay the night and fill up on electricity: to keep up with the increasing number of electric cars in Germany we are offering anyone visiting Ludwigshafen or the surrounding area the chance to charge their cars with eco-friendly electricity quickly and comfortably on-site. The E-garage is at the hotel car park, right in front of the building: two electric vehicles can charge in two parking spaces parallel to the fuel pumps while you enjoy a cup of coffee on our terrace or have a relaxed dinner in LEO’s Restaurant.

Filling up at the electronic garage is conceivably easy. The only difference to filling up on gas is the amount of time it takes. Like at ordinary garages, you drive up to the charging station, attach the cable to the car and charge. Our desk staff will be happy to help you. Because even a quick charge can take up to 30 minutes, charging has proven to be better suited to places where it’s common to park for a longer time, such as at hotels or multi-storey car parks.
For our guests, this service is already included in the parking fee and is not charged separately.


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